Steelhead, the anadromous (sea-run) form of the coastal rainbow trout, is the king of salmonids. Once you have hooked a steelhead, you know that this spectacular and beautiful game fish tries everything to escape. Multiple runs upstream and downstream, 30 meters and more, with spectacular leaps out of the water will be the rule rather than the exception. The dimensions of steelhead in British Columbia are between 70 and 100 cm and from 8 to 25 pounds in weight. Steelhead can very well be caught on the fly, and spawn mainly in wild rivers in western America, Canada and Kamchatka, in eastern Siberia

Welcome to Steelhead  Wild Adventures !!

With a 4x4 pick-up truck through the woods an backroads. Raft trips with pontoons at the rivers. Cabins at the Kispiox Steelhead Camp and country style motels.



Single and double handed rods. Skagitstyle and Speycasting.

Intruders and traditional flies!

Black bears and grizzly bears. Bold eagles, moose, coyotes and much more.

Strong wild steelhead, coho salmon, bull trout

Fly fishing


Wild steelhead