In 1990, I was in my early 30s, I travelled to British Columbia for the first time. To fish for salmon and steelhead. With the fly rod, of course. I hooked my first steelhead after 15 minutes, a beautiful hen of 72cm. My second steelhead six days later, a buck of about 80cm. In the intervening period I caught lots of salmon, mostly chum and pink. But those steelhead!
I caught the steelhead virus and spend since 1990 each fall two weeks in the tributaries of the Skeena in BC. To fish for wild steelhead. Salmon is a by-catch, in the case of coho a very nice by-catch even.


The first 12 years I used a single hand 10ft # 8, using Teeny sink tip lines. In 2002 I started experimenting with a two-handed 14ft Speyrod. From 2009, the Skagit style casting came up and I changed the 14ft for a 13ft Speyrod and a 11.6ft Switch rod with Skagit lines and tips and the standard flies for Intruders and tube flies.


In 2018 we made a very difficult decision. After 25 trips to BC we decided that the 2018 trip was our last one. My fishing buddy Erwin aggreed and we sold our 2 pontoons.

The reasons: stronger governmental regulations for non resident anglers, the number of anglers that grow every year and the number of steelhead that is getting smaller every year.

I always liked to share my passion, fly fishing for steelhead.
Furthermore, I like to fish for pike. Of course, with the fly rod and streamers.
I have fished for Pacific salmon in Siberia, in Iceland on brown trout and arctic char, in Sweden and Ireland for pike. In Central America for bonefish and tarpon.
And the last couple of years I like to spend some time in Slovenia to fish their Alpine rivers for trout and grayling.


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