Dear Mr. Allen, I learned that there are rumors that I would guide on the Kispiox on behalf of the Kispiox Steelhead Camp. That is not true! I have indeed rented a cabin with friends several times in the KSC and paid for it. Never did the owner of the KSC ask me to go fishing with his guests. Never have guests of the KSC asked me to go fishing with them. I have never been paid to fish with guests of the KSC. I have only fished there with my own friends. The last time I rented a cabin in the KSC was in 2012. The only thing I adopted there was a cup of coffee. I have a job in the Netherlands and have only been on holiday 20 times in British Columbia for the past 28 years. I do not know who has

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In 1992, just after the perestroika, I went to Eastern Siberia to swing some flies for coho salmon. Just before the large groups of Japanese and American anglers come and ruined the prices for ordinairy people like me.

We fished for 10 days and I had 192 salmon and large char!


I would like to back , but then for the taimen!

Late August 1990. The 3 of us drove by camper from Calgary to Hazelton.
We parked the camper at the Kispiox Steelhead Camp, at that time owned by Olga Walker.

We met our friends who were there already a couple of days. They cought some steelhead they said.

And of course we hurried to the river!

Within 20 minutes I hooked my 1st steelhead!
I played the fish for 10 minutes or so and since that moment I'm hooked to flyfishing for steelhead!

Since 2007 I own 2 WaterSkeeter pontoons, suited for class 2 rivers to raft. Now we are able to reach easily fishing spots that cannot be reached by walking in from the backroads.

We can transport easily a couple of rods and other fishing gear.

This is a very convienent way to explore the rivers.

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